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Teachers in our Grammar classes focus on knowledge. 

Concepts are easily absorbed. Our teachers continue to cultivate memory skills in these grades. Cambridge Classical Academy's classical approach to education helps our scholars recognize and love truth. Scholars in these grades are  well-rounded in the study of science, math, chronological history, literature, poetry, English grammar, Latin, and the arts. 


Grammar stage scholars will:

  • establish a solid foundation of knowledge
  • master math facts and problem solving
  • cultivate basic thinking skills 
  • master the rules of grammar and understand good sentence structure
  • study rules of phonics, spelling, and how to use them
  • understand the etymology of words
  • develop a love and appreciation of literature 
  • memorize and recite poems, Latin vocabulary, and phonogram
  • nurture the scientific method through hands-on projects and experiments
  • learn historical facts, study geography and other cultures 
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