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Partnering with us will make a difference!


Partnerships can create a strong alliance between organizations, schools, and the community. These partnerships can be formal or informal and can help by sharing knowledge, experience and resources in an effort to provide better learning outcomes for our students and the community.  

  • enhance students’ skills – building a stronger workforce for the future.
  • enhance the organization’s image and visibility by providing a valued community service.
  • gain opportunities to lead, strengthen, and transform student lives.
  • obtain personal satisfaction from positive interaction with students and teachers.
  • receive tax deductions for equipment and supply donations when applicable.
  • conduct workshops, teach classes about their organization, profession or expertise.
  • volunteer in the classroom, at events, or mentor students.
  • assist with clubs and extracurricular activities.
  • provide financial assistance, goods, and/or services to schools.
We would LOVE to build strong partnerships with our community-at-large.
We would love to discuss your idea. Get in touch by clicking on the Get Involved button.