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Our Philosophy

Our Guiding Principles

Through education, students receive the vital skills that provide opportunities for success.  Students should be encouraged to solve problems that are similar to those they may face outside of the classroom.  Classical education is a unique approach to teaching students how to think critically and wholistically.  Classically educated students are afforded a long tradition of truth-seeking instruction of key subjects such as liberal arts, history, mathematics, and science.
Our Methodology
Cambridge Classical Academy’s methodology and techniques to delivering the classical approach could be classified as hands-on, minds-on, and hearts-on.  Our hands-on approach is where the best learning takes place.  It keeps students actively engaged while being exposed to different levels of curricula.  Our mind-on approach encourages each student to think critically and respond intelligently.  Our hearts-on approach helps students acknowledge who they are and supports their spiritual growth.
We understand that classical education is not a common approach but whole heartedly believe that it is the best approach to education.  By integrating a Marva Collins methodology along with a Socratic approach to instruction, students of Cambridge Classical Academy thrive in all levels of the trivium (Grammar, Dialectic and Rhetoric). 
Our fluid instructional method accommodates varied learning styles and needs of our individual students because each child takes a different journey to reach his/her educational goals.  We regularly monitor student progress toward skill and concept mastery through a variety of assessments including standardized testing. These performance indicators highlight student strengths and opportunities for growth, which better assists us in crafting individualized learning experiences for our students. 
Our faculty and staff are committed to partnering with our parents and scholars through a relationship rooted in excellence, respect, support and truth.  It is our goal to teach to the heart, mind, and spirit of each student of Cambridge Classical Academy.