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Early Education

In the primary (pre-grammar) classes at CCA, our teachers focus on fundamental skills through which all learning takes place. 

Children in these grades are excited about learning which allows the teacher to capitalizes on a child’s natural ability to memorize. Songs, lines from stories, and proverbs from various sources are easily absorbed and repeated. Our teachers use these innate memory skills to introduce great poetry, classical and modern literature, and mathematical facts. 
Primary/Pre-Grammar scholars will:
  • establish a solid foundation in math, reading, and writing
  • memorize poems, vocabulary, phonograms, proverbs and Scripture
  • recite math facts and English grammar through chants and song
  • be introduced to math story problems, spelling rules, and the importance of careful listening 
  • cultivate observation skills through hands-on projects in science
  • be exposed to facts in world history, other cultures, and geographical features
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